Meningitis and College Students

meningitis freshmenSeptember is nigh and for college freshmen thoughts turn to school and the upcoming move into a dorm. Headaches and neck pain from meningitis are likely the last thing on a new student’s mind but an increasing number of US colleges require proof of meningitis vaccination for those planning to live on campus, or, at some colleges, for all students. College freshmen are at an increased risk of bacterial meningitis compared to their peers, presumably due to the close quarters in which they live and the lifestyle changes accompanying college life which can compromise immunity (such as diet, alcohol and drug consumption, and altered sleep patterns). Read more

Shoulder Pain – NSAID Injections or Corticosteroid Injections?

shoulder painA new study carried out by US researchers has found that NSAID injections are better than corticosteroid injections for relieving shoulder pain. A single injection of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ketorolac demonstrated superior pain-relieving qualities compared to corticosteroid injections when treating patients with shoulder impingement syndrome. Read more

Neck Exercises when Stuck in Traffic

driving posture back pain steering wheelNeck pain sufferers are often told to stretch and strengthen the cervical spinal muscles and carrying out neck exercises whilst stuck in traffic may be ideal for those struggling to incorporate these into their daily routine. Stretching out that neck tension and keeping those cervical spinal muscles loose and limber might provide significant relief from neck pain and stiffness otherwise only achieved through pain medication and anti-inflammatories. Obviously we are not advocating shoulder rolls whilst speeding down the freeway but a few quick stretches at the stoplight, or a longer neck exercise routine when there is a jam can help keep you from getting stressed out in the car by making that ‘lost’ time more productive and relaxing. Read more