5 Quick Fixes for Neck Pain (to let you get back to enjoying Christmas!)

neck pain at christmas quick fixesChristmas is no time for neck pain. There are presents to wrap and unwrap, trees to trim, parties to go to, not to mention food to make and enjoy.

While there’s no good time to suffer with neck pain, we all know that a sudden twinge in the neck at Christmas can make that long to-do list look even less feasible. Luckily, most neck pain responds well to a few simple solutions, so try out these five quick fixes for neck pain and get back to enjoying the festivities!

1. De-stress!

Yes, you have a lot to do but you know what? Struggling along with tense muscles and neck pain makes even the most fun activity seem like a chore, and more arduous tasks feel nigh on impossible. Take a timeout and relax. Book yourself in for a massage instead of making that extra batch of cookies. Having a happy spouse, parent, or friend at Christmas is infinitely preferable to having someone seriously stressed out pushing sugary treats at you. If a massage isn’t appealing then a hot bath with some relaxing essential oils, or even getting to bed early and starting the new day refreshed and relaxed can work wonders for neck pain caused by muscle tension and stress.

2. Delegate

If sudden neck pain means that stirring that cookie dough or hanging Christmas lights is agony then delegate. Kids get a double treat when baking as they have all the fun of making a mess and then they get to eat the results. What’s more, no picky relative can complain that the cookies aren’t perfect if they are presented by an adorable child. Sit back, supervise, and rest assured that it’s not just Santa who gets to have help at Christmas.

4. Skip the Rum Nog (for a day or two)

It might be tempting to self-medicate with alcohol as Christmas stress rears its head but this may actually make the pain last longer and increase stress. Skipping the rum nog or booze at the Christmas party not only reduces your risk of a tipsy accident it can avoid the negative health effects of alcohol such as increased inflammation, poor sleep quality, increased cortisol, and erratic blood sugar. Take some chamomile tea to bed instead and get a restful night’s sleep, that way the body has a chance to recover and you can get back on tip top form for when family festivities begin.

5. Treat Yourself to a TENS Machine

It might not be Christmas morning yet but if neck pain is interfering with your preparations for a jolly Christmas day it might be worth getting yourself an early gift this year in the shape of a TENS machine or other neck pain relief gizmo or gadget. TENS machines are designed to provide non-painful nerve stimulation that actually inhibits the transmission of pain signals and is a great way to relieve neck pain without taking medications. Alternatively, heat pad, neck massager, and even an acupressure pillow are all great ways to relieve neck pain without pharmaceuticals.

Any neck pain that persists, is severe, or is accompanied by neck stiffness and fever or other worrying signs that could indicate an infection should be investigated by a medical professional. Nobody wants to be in pain at Christmas so if you feel a twinge in your neck knock it on the head early with these five quick fixes for neck pain.

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