Kids and Trampolines – Risk of Neck Injury

neck injury trampoline aap warning

Somersaults and multiple users increase risk of serious neck injury on trampolines.

In a policy statement published this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirmed its position against the recreational use of trampolines, citing statistics highlighting the risk of head and neck injuries from trampolines, as well as other problems. Although the rate of trampoline-related injuries has declined in recent years there is still concern that safety advice is not being heeded, putting very small children at risk of permanent neurological damage, neck pain, back pain and other symptoms. Read more

Neck Pain Relief for Children

neck pain relief in children chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment may be useful for neck pain relief in children.

Seeing your child in pain is one of the most difficult things in the world but what are your options for neck pain relief in children? When neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and other health issues arise in kids it can be difficult to work out the cause, especially if a younger child is unable to really tell you where it hurts and what kind of pain they have. Often, the same treatments helpful for neck pain relief in adults are good for kids too but sometimes treatments differ so make sure you know what to do if your kid has neck pain. Read more

Can You Golf With a Bulging Disc in Your Neck?

Bulging disc in the neckA bulging disc in the neck is not necessarily symptomatic but neck pain and other symptoms can arise when a cervical nerve root becomes compressed by a bulging disc. Playing golf with a bulging disc in the neck may, therefore, become virtually impossible. Anyone who plays golf knows that success on the course depends on the ability to repeat a smooth, integrated swing. This requires coordinated body movement from head to toe, which is hard to maintain if a bulging disc is causing a pinched nerve in the neck or any other part of the spine.
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Tension Headaches and Neck Pain

tension headache and neck painTension headaches and neck pain are very common but many people, and their physicians, neglect to find out the underlying cause meaning that treatments for tension headaches and neck pain are either unsuccessful or never applied. The pain in a tension headache will usually commence at the back of the head and move forwards, engulfing the scalp, creating a sensation of tightness across the head, and maybe even extending into the neck and shoulders. Some tension headaches and neck pain are connected to Read more

Does Chiropractic Care Increase Stroke Risk?

neck pain chiropractor stroke exorcist headspin

Is your head spinning with thoughts about chiropractic adjustment, arterial dissection, and stroke?

Some people are terrified of getting chiropractic adjustments for neck pain as they have heard horror stories about arteries being dissected or torn and how chiropractic techniques can cause strokes. Is there any merit to these claims or are they simply urban myths? The complicated studies carried out into the association between chiropractic and stroke make it difficult to assess your level of risk and in some cases it seems that the dissection could be the cause of neck pain that prompts that visit to the chiro in the first place. Read more

Neck Pain and Cycling

neck pain cyclingDo you cycle to work each day? Is that pain in your neck and shoulders starting to make you look longingly at the car? With the rain, cold weather, and windy conditions setting in, neck pain from cycling might just be the final straw for your healthy planet, healthy you resolution. It need not be that way however as most neck and shoulder problems in cyclists are connected to poor cycling posture, bad habits, or the bike itself , sometimes neck pain is actually connected to an ill-fitting helmet of all things! Read more

Neck Pain and Dizziness

neck pain dizziness vertigoNeck pain and dizziness are often connected although many people simply consider themselves to be clumsy, to suffer lightheadedness, or have a poor sense of balance. Cervicogenic dizziness may also be associated with headaches and nausea and can be suggestive of pinched nerves in the neck, cervical spinal stenosis, or even infection. Dizziness with neck pain may be fleeting and mild, with patients realizing that sudden neck movements or certain positions bring about the dizzy spells and neck pain. In other cases the pain can be severe and the dizziness extremely debilitating as it may induce considerable fear of falling, disabling nausea, and/or loss of motor skills. Where a patient has neck pain and feels off balance they may be described as having cervical vertigo and have often experienced some kind of trauma to the neck, such as whiplash or a previous fall. Read more

Brachial Plexus Injury in Babies

baby in hand

A traumatic birth can cause brachial plexus injury in babies and subsequent neck pain and mobility problems.

Brachial plexus injury may occur through trauma or accidents in adulthood but is also a possibility during the birth of your baby. The brachial plexus is a complex of nerves between the neck and shoulder with spinal nerves exiting and dividing, then rejoining and combining throughout the region. Read more

Treating Whiplash with Botox

Botox for Neck Pain from Whiplash

Botox for Neck Pain

Botox for Neck Pain

Whilst botox will, for most people, conjure up an image of a celebrity failing to age gracefully, this concentrated toxin has another use. Botox injections for whiplash and neck pain are becoming increasingly popular as Read more

Neck Pain From Jogging

Jogging: Good or Bad for Neck Pain?

jogging posture

Practice good posture when jogging

Most people will realize that starting on a high-impact jogging regime without proper warm-up, correct shoes, some level of fitness, and even a good sports bra for some, will lead to aches and pains, including pain in the neck. Clearly, this is not the best way to motivate yourself to continue to exercise. But does jogging itself cause neck pain, or can it actually help relieve it? Make sure you know when not to jog with neck pain and when it’s time to see your physician.

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