Tendonitis Neck Pain and Curcumin

curcumin neck painTendonitis and neck pain are frequently connected, particularly amongst computer users and checkout clerks. Rest and recuperation is the usual advice, but a common cooking spice, turmeric, and the active ingredient, curcumin might be able to give sufferers of tendonitis a helping hand. Typing, scanning barcodes, and many other aspects of people’s work use the tough, rope-like structures, tendons, which connect the muscles and bones to carry out the same movements over and over again. Tendons, whilst strong, are susceptible to injury and often become inflamed and tender through acute trauma, or from friction resulting from repetitive motion of the tendon over the muscles. Common sites of tendonitis include the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, and heels and tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and Achilles tendon injuries will be familiar to many. In an ageing population where many are experiencing inflammatory illnesses, tendonitis is often connected to other arthritic conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and even diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Certain antibiotics and other drugs are also connected to an increased risk of tendonopathy. Read more

Neck Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Oral Contraceptives

oral contraceptives neck pain rheumatoid arthritisA study published this summer in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism looking at the use of oral contraceptives and improvements in Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms adds to the evidence suggesting a connection between female hormones and this possible cause of neck pain. Around two-thirds of RA patients suffer from problems in the cervical spine, with the thoracic and lumbar spine usually less affected. Researchers at the University of Manchester in England used data from women with recent onset of inflammatory polyarthritis and assessed the number who had and had not used oral contraceptives since the diagnosis. Read more

Neck Pain Awareness – Can Spinal Health Month Help?

Chronic Neck PainOctober is Spinal Health Month and recent statistics show that neck pain is a significant contributor to a growing pain problem affecting millions of people each year. In a National Center of Health Statistics survey low back pain was the most common pain reported (27%) with neck pain suffered by 15% of people, the same percentage who experience severe headaches or migraine. Facial ache or pain was another common finding with 4% of people experiencing this phenomenon that is sometimes connected to cervical spinal problems. Read more

Neck Pain and Cycling

neck pain cyclingDo you cycle to work each day? Is that pain in your neck and shoulders starting to make you look longingly at the car? With the rain, cold weather, and windy conditions setting in, neck pain from cycling might just be the final straw for your healthy planet, healthy you resolution. It need not be that way however as most neck and shoulder problems in cyclists are connected to poor cycling posture, bad habits, or the bike itself , sometimes neck pain is actually connected to an ill-fitting helmet of all things! Read more

Meningitis and College Students

meningitis freshmenSeptember is nigh and for college freshmen thoughts turn to school and the upcoming move into a dorm. Headaches and neck pain from meningitis are likely the last thing on a new student’s mind but an increasing number of US colleges require proof of meningitis vaccination for those planning to live on campus, or, at some colleges, for all students. College freshmen are at an increased risk of bacterial meningitis compared to their peers, presumably due to the close quarters in which they live and the lifestyle changes accompanying college life which can compromise immunity (such as diet, alcohol and drug consumption, and altered sleep patterns). Read more

Neck Exercises when Stuck in Traffic

driving posture back pain steering wheelNeck pain sufferers are often told to stretch and strengthen the cervical spinal muscles and carrying out neck exercises whilst stuck in traffic may be ideal for those struggling to incorporate these into their daily routine. Stretching out that neck tension and keeping those cervical spinal muscles loose and limber might provide significant relief from neck pain and stiffness otherwise only achieved through pain medication and anti-inflammatories. Obviously we are not advocating shoulder rolls whilst speeding down the freeway but a few quick stretches at the stoplight, or a longer neck exercise routine when there is a jam can help keep you from getting stressed out in the car by making that ‘lost’ time more productive and relaxing. Read more

When to See a Chiropractor

chiropractic for neck painChiropractors see patients for a variety of reasons including neck pain, back pain, headaches, and even carpal tunnel syndrome, but knowing when to see a chiropractor for neck pain and when diagnosis and treatment from a qualified MD is needed can prove difficult for many. In some cases, the hands-on manipulation carried out during chiropractic is simply inadequate for severe chronic neck pain, or is inappropriate if there are concerns such as spinal tumors, or infection in the spine. The important thing to note is that neck pain, back pain, and headaches should not be a normal part of our daily lives and help should be sought to address these, whether this is through a local chiropractor or other health professional. Read more

Neck Arthritis Exercises

Pinched Nerve Neck Exercises
Patients with chronic neck pain might be wondering about the safety of exercise for arthritis in the neck and rightly so. Prior to commencing any new stretching or strengthening exercises for neck pain patients are advised to check with their physician or physical therapist to avoid exacerbating neck arthritis problems. Those with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, where atlantoaxial subluxation has occurred or is unstable may exacerbate their condition if engaging in certain movements of the neck. Some neck exercises are beneficial for stabilizing the upper neck however and provide strength and flexibility for patients with chronic neck pain from other conditions. Read more

Herniated Disc in Neck Exercises

Specific neck exercises can be very helpful in aiding recovery from a herniated disc in neck. A bulging disc in the neck can herniate through acute stress, such as when sneezing or with whiplash, and through chronic wear and tear resulting in a sudden rupture of the annulus (outer protective fibers of the disc). Calcification of the disc can also occur, causing a slightly different type of herniation which, nevertheless, produces similar symptoms to an acute disc herniation. Read more

Preventing Neck Pain During the Holidays

neck pain at christmas

Is a pain-free Christmas all you wish for this year?

Preventing Neck Pain During the Holidays

Christmas and New Year can be very stressful times, with lots of things to do, social activities to attend to, shopping, visiting family, office parties, and many changes to your normal routine that can compromise your nutrition, exercise, and healthy regimes leading to increased risk of neck pain. Throw in the fact you have a chronic condition such as spinal stenosis, cervical arthritis, degenerative joint disease, or a bulging disc, and this all becomes even harder to manage without doing yourself some damage. Below are some top tips for neck pain relief during the holiday season. Read more