Getting Through the Holidays with a Herniated Disc

Herniated discIf you suffer from neck pain and other symptoms related to a herniated disc, getting through daily life can be a huge challenge. Throw in the added demands of the holidays, and you almost begin to dread even waking up in the morning. And that’s too bad, because the holidays were made for memories, not for suffering. With a doctor’s help, you can push past the pain and other symptoms and be more than just a bystander as your family and friends celebrate.

Don’t Overdo It

As tempting as it might be to read ahead to discover how to cope with herniated disc symptoms during those special holiday moments, take a moment to consider the importance of practicing moderation in all things. This is especially true when it comes to managing neck pain and other symptoms caused by cervical disc herniation and its associated nerve compression. Whether your symptoms are intermittent or constant, you must always be aware of the potential consequences of overexertion. The most serious of these potential consequences is a major exacerbation of the symptoms, which could go from merely annoying to debilitating if you are not careful.

Managing Herniated Disc Symptoms

Armed with a common-sense approach to symptom management, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the holidays to the fullest. The first thing to do if you already have been prescribed a course of conservative treatment by your physician is to ask him or her if there are any limitations during the busy holiday season. In most cases, simply adhering to the herniated disc treatment plan already in place will suffice. However, there are a few other steps to take that might ensure a healthy, happy holiday. These include:

  • Staying aware of your physical limitations
  • Resting when necessary
  • Not overindulging in food and drink
  • Remembering to take your medication

Also, don’t try to be a hero. If your symptoms begin to slow you down, break away from the group and rest until you feel better. And if things get too bad, call your doctor.

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