Left Side Neck Pain

Unilateral pain in the left-side of the neck can occur for a variety of reasons, often with a very simple explanation that is easily overlooked. Left side neck pain may be a little less common than right-sided neck pain simply due to the predominance of right-handed people who likely incur more muscle strain and wear and tear on the right side of the body. However, left-sided neck pain can arise from an awkward sleeping position, poor weight distribution in a backpack or from a shoulder bag, or even overtaxing the left-side of the body in a workout.

Often people suffer from left side neck pain due to working conditions, such as those using a computer mouse or laptop mousepad for long hours. Switching mouse hands, if at all possible, and taking breaks often during work will help keep left side neck pain subdued. In addition, some simple stretches exercised throughout the day will help minimize and pain on the right or left side of the neck.