Is Your Pillow Causing Your Neck Pain?

waking up with neck pain pillows for reliefMany people suffer from neck pain on a daily basis, often waking up with pain that then throws off the whole day. Simultaneous neck and shoulder pain can make it difficult to engage in normal everyday activities, including self-care, childcare, and work. Instead of throwing money at drugs that mask the pain, there may be a simple solution to neck pain, you just have to sleep on it. Yes, neck pain relief could be as simple as getting a better pillow.

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain, maybe it’s time to look into a neck pain pillow specially designed to counteract poor sleep posture and relieve muscle tension. Neck pain pillows will help to lower the discomfort that you are feeling on a regular basis and help to increase the amount of productive sleeping hours that you are getting each night. If you are constantly in pain, no matter how exhausted you are before bed, you will not get a good night’s sleep because your body will constantly be processing the feelings of pain throughout the night. Many people experience a feeling of fatigue even though they just woke up from a long night’s sleep, and fatigue actually makes you more susceptible to pain.

What is a Neck Pain Pillow?

Neck pain pillows come in many different shapes and sizes making it possible to find something well tailored to your body’s contours and needs for neck pain relief. Some people will benefit more from a neck pain pillow that is simply a curved pillow designed to support the neck with a dip in the middle for the side of the head. This helps to get the back into better alignment and assists in reducing the painful stress that could be getting placed on the neck and spine which, in turn, helps reduce the incidence and severity of neck and shoulder pain when waking.

Other neck pain pillows have a significant dip in the center of the pillow and really look more like a thicker ring of neck support around the edges and then a hole where the side of the head rests. These types of therapeutic pillows come in a variety of materials and coverings to suit the bedding needs of your personal bedroom design. Some of the bed neck pain pillows are available in a memory foam solution to help assist in the decreasing of pain through out the night.

Alongside the neck pain pillow to help decrease neck and shoulder pain, people can also invest in Deep Heat Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream for help with muscle pain and chronic discomfort. If you are experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain, it could be time to invest in a new pillow, specially designed to thwart neck pain such as the Tri-core Cervical Pillow, and make sure to talk to your physician to rule out a more serious underlying cause of neck pain.

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