Alternative Therapy for Neck Pain

Alternative treatments based on traditional Chinese medicine may also be of assistance to those suffering from neck and back pain and can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic practices, both alternative and conventional. Acupuncture and acupressure are two of these techniques.

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Traditional acupuncturists believe that the body’s energy force (Chi or Qi) can become blocked, through stress and injury along with other reasons. Once the energy is blocked this can lead to physical

manifestations and illness. Acupuncture aims to unblock the Chi by stimulating energy flow through the systematic insertion of fine needles at specific places (meridians) on the body. This may be a strange sensation but is not painful. The intention is the stimulation of energy in a damaged area. In line with Western thought, the encouraging results that patients often find with this therapy may be due to increased circulation and therefore better delivery of nutrients to an area. Acupuncture is beginning to be recognized as an effective alternative to conventional treatment and in some countries, such as the UK, may actually be recommended or included in a conventional treatment program.

Safety concerns about acupuncture are usually unfounded, although patients choosing this kind of therapy should always find a registered and experienced practitioner with recognized qualifications. It is a simple matter of common sense that meticulous hygiene practices must be in place at any such clinic as unsterilized or reused needles can harbor disease and infection. If in doubt, find another practitioner and report your concerns to the local health authority.