Right Side Neck Pain

Pain in the right side of the neck can occur for very simple reasons, such as sleeping awkwardly, carrying heavy weights with one arm, or experiencing trauma to that side of the body. Sometimes the right-sided neck pain can be indicative of a different problem, however, necessitating medical attention.

In fact, issues such as those occuring due to muscular problems can trigger neck pain on the right side. Because of the complexity of the neck abnormalities such as jaw or dental problems can be a leading factor in right side neck pain. In some cases this chronic neck pain can lead to psychological problems. A recent study coducted by Wasan (2010) discovered an association between right side neck pain in men and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and perception of worse quality-of-life than those suffering left-sided neck pain, and than women with neck pain on either side.

Identifying the Cause

It is important to identify the cause of right-sided neck pain so as to avoid it in the future. Assessing every possible cause may reveal a simple thing like changing shoes can help, without the need for expensive pain medication, or physical therapy. A physician may simply suggest a pain management clinic if scans, a history, and blood work reveal no immediate aetiology of the pain. Persistence may pay off, however, as there are numerous causes of right side neck pain.