Sharp Neck Pain

Sharp neck pain can occur when twisting or straining the neck in an unnatural position. This may be through accidents such as whiplash, or from carrying an awkward load. Preventing sharp neck pain involves an awareness of the limits of the body, and strengthening the neck and back muscles.

Muscular Problems & Sharp Neck Pain

Acute and severe neck pain can be a result of trauma and may involved overstretching or even tearing the muscles in the neck. If an individual fails to properly warm up at the gym prior to lifting heavy weights then the muscles in the neck may be unable to take the strain and acute neck pain is experienced. Lifting heavy weights and then turning the head can also put excess strain on the neck, so chatting to the chap on the equipment next door may not be the best idea. Safely and steadily increasing resistance training is the best way to go to avoid sharp neck pain and muscular injury.

Minerals and Nutrients

 Correct nutrition can make a huge difference in the experience and likelihood of sharp neck pain. If muscles and nerves are provided with the right substances to thrive then many problems can be staved off. Magnesium and calcium are essential for proper muscle contraction, and glutamine is an important amino acid that helps build and protect muscle from injury. If demands on the body increase, then these nutrients should increase also, along with many others in a varied and sustaining diet.

Spinal and Structural Problems

Conditions such as spinal stenosis and ankylosing spondylitis can cause extreme, severe, sharp neck pain. The pain may also be chronic, and dull, and is a result of compression in the spine impacting on nerve roots and blood vessels. This can cause problems of nerve signal transmission, inflammation, and ischaemia. Realignment through chiropractic or osteopathic treatment, surgical intervention, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving medications, whether NSAIDs or alternative neck treatments can all assist in alleviating sharp neck pain.

Nervous System Problems

sharp neck pain

If there is an infection in the body affecting the nervous system then sharp neck pain may be felt along with neuralgia at other locations in the body. Conditions such as shingles, caused by the herpes zoster virus can cause severe blistering to the skin with each blister representing a nerve-ending that is inflamed by the virus. The sharp pain can occur months or even years after the actual shingles attack and is often confusing for the patient who may have no other outward signs of the disease. Many treatment options are available for this condition, both pharmaceutical and natural shingles remedies.

Myofascial Pain Dysfunction

A major symptom of the condition myofascial pain dysfunction is sharp neck pain, particularly burning pain in the head and neck. Other symptoms include muscular stabbing pains and spasms. In this condition the fascia, or translucent sheets of tissue covering the muscles can malfunction and form abnormal bonds to the underlying muscle that it is simply supposed to slide smoothly over. This adhesion can cause blockages to nerve signalling and circulation and prevent the muscle from contracting and relaxing at it should.

Fibromyalgia and Sharp Neck Pain

There are many symptoms of fibromyalgia (also known as fibrositis), including sharp neck pain. Myofascial pain dysfunction can be confused with this condition which is still an area of acute interest for researchers attempting to establish a cause. However, fibromyalgia is a more systemic problem with sufferers also experiencing sensitivity to perfumes, noise, and allergens and feeling abnormally fatigued and depressed with no apparent aetiology of symptoms.

Sharp Neck Pain Treatments

For conditions such as myofascial pain dysfunction treatment may consist of massage and medication with plentiful rest and relaxation techniques. Conditions such as fibromyalgia often respond to treatment with supplements such as 5-HTP, and anti-inflammatories, whether natural or pharmaceutical. These conditions are heavily involved with the stress responses in the body and psychological treatment may also produce good results in terms of reducing sharp neck pain.

Sharp and severe neck pain can strike at any time and for many reasons. There are numerous treatments available appropriate to the specific cause of the sharp neck pain. Simple actions such as correct warm-ups prior to exercise, strengthening neck exercises, and keeping wrapped up in draughts can prevent the experience of this type of neck pain.