Bone Spur in Neck Diagnosis

In most cases the presence of a bone spur in the neck is confirmed through x-ray or MRI scan, as a result of an investigation into either related or unrelated symptoms. Many neck osteophytes cause no symptoms at all and may simply require monitoring rather than intervention of any kind. When the osteophytes occur in other parts of the body, such as the feet and hands, it is easier to observe them than when they occur in the cervical spine. These growths can be palpable, and may result in the twisted, gnarled appearance characteristic of severe arthritis in the extremities.

Bone Spur Neck MRI
MRIs and XRAYs are tools used
in Bone Spur Diagnosis

Communicating with your Doctor

Any intermittent pain or paraesthesia should be noted, along with duration, severity, and any precipitating factors (such as sleeping awkwardly or exercising heavily). These notes should be taken along to the doctor’s office when obtaining a diagnosis as they will help isolate the cause of the symptoms and assist in decisions over further investigation and treatment of bone spurs.

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