Bone Spur in Neck Treatment

Patients have several options for a bone spur in neck treatment. If a bone spur in the neck is causing inflammation and pain then NSAIDs may be prescribed, although natural anti-inflammatories are also available, such as fish oil. In most cases neck bone spurs do not cause symptoms and remain untreated. Neck bone spur treatment options usually focus on correcting an underlying condition which has resulted in the growth of the osteophytes in the first place.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery for Bone Spurs

Osteophytes in the neck are rarely the primary reason for neck surgery, rather, they are usually removed during surgical intervention for another condition such as cervical arthritis or a herniated disc in neck. Open surgical procedures may be carried out for osteophyte growth in the elbow or knee, but are likely to be conducted through endoscopic surgery when they occur in the cervical area. Endoscopic surgery involves several small incisions being made which allow the insertion of special surgical tools and a tiny camera through which the surgeon can see the internal joint structures.

Conservative Treatment

Physical therapy for neck pain may help where surgery is not indicated. Low impact exercises, such as water-based aerobics can be very beneficial for those with neck bone spur symptoms. Using devices to realign the back and neck may help correct poor posture and minimize pressure on the joints reducing the incidence and growth of neck osteophytes.

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