Exercises for bulging disc in neck

Warm up before beginning

A common cause of neck pain is the presence of a bulging intervertebral disc in the cervical spine. These discs are made up of a tough, fibrous, outer shell containing a gel-like substance inside that acts to absorb the shocks to the spine that occur on a daily basis. If the discs become damaged and weaken then the shell may not be able to contain the inner material as well as before, causing a bulge which may then lead to a herniation or rupture of the disc and the leaking of the gel from the disc into the surrounding area. Read more

Pinched Nerve in Neck Exercises

Pinched Nerve Neck Exercises

Pinched Nerve Neck Exercises

Stretching can alleviate Neck Pain

Neck stretching and strengthening exercises can be very effective at reducing neck pain and discomfort both in acute and chronic conditions. However, a pinched nerve in the neck may mean that some exercises are inadvisable as they have the potential to actually exacerbate your condition and worsen your neck pain. Read more

Posture and Neck Pain – Proper Neck Posture

Proper Neck Posture

Proper Neck Posture at Work

Having poor posture is just one of the myriad reasons you can develop neck pain. It may be a simple task to recognize that you have poor posture, but it is rarely simple to correct it. For most people the bulk of their day is spent at work, so it makes sense to start assessing your posture as you sit at your desk, stand behind a counter, or carry heavy building supplies on site.

At your desk, or terminal, check to see if you are always looking down with your chin to your chest in order to see the screen. Conversely, you may have to strain your neck upwards to get a clear view. Ideally your screen should be at such an angle that you can keep your back straight and eyes forward at all times. Consider raising or lowering your chair, or the screen itself if this is not the case so that the top third of the screen is at a level with your eyes and the screen itself is around 18-24inches from your head. Read more

Infrared Light Therapy for Neck Pain

Infrared light therapy has been lauded as an effective treatment for all sorts of conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, fractures, varicose veins, and even acne, thin hair, and cold sores. As a relatively inexpensive, non-invasive, treatment that patients can use at home it is not hard to see why it has a large number of fans. Many chiropractors use infrared light therapy to relax patients, as do physical therapists prior to applying other treatments. Read more