Neck Pain and Children

Neck Pain Children

Parents should not overlook backpacks and book bags as culprits in neck pain in children

Every parent is reminded to be mindful about meningitis but there are other causes of neck pain in children that are often overlooked.  Where a child has difficulty moving their chin towards their chest or refuses to look down because of their neck pain this warrants immediate medical attention.  The presence of a rash, fever, and/or persistent crying or altered mood in children is also indicative of meningitis, which can be fatal if untreated.  Taking your child to a doctor immediately is vital.  More commonly however neck pain in children is caused by the same things that cause neck pain in adults, namely, poor posture, straining the neck, stress, heavy bags or unbalanced loads, and sleeping awkwardly, particularly in a draught.

Determining the cause of your child’s neck pain is important in order to remove the stressor or address an underlying problem.  Sometimes a child may get neck pain due to an infection that causes the lymph nodes in the neck to become inflamed and tender.  Sore throats, teething problems, and tonsillitis can also lead to neck pain in children, as can persistent chewing of gum, pens, fingernails, and other habits involving continued stress and strain on the temporomandibular joint in the jaw. Read more