Neck Pain Relief for Children

neck pain relief in children chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment may be useful for neck pain relief in children.

Seeing your child in pain is one of the most difficult things in the world but what are your options for neck pain relief in children? When neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and other health issues arise in kids it can be difficult to work out the cause, especially if a younger child is unable to really tell you where it hurts and what kind of pain they have. Often, the same treatments helpful for neck pain relief in adults are good for kids too but sometimes treatments differ so make sure you know what to do if your kid has neck pain. Read more

Patients Rate Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Worse Than Physicians Do

rheumatoid arthritis patient doctor disagreement

Doctors and patients often hold different values when judging disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis.

A study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism this week reveals that patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis rate disease activity worse than their physicians, largely because pain is their marker whereas physicians rely on overt joint swelling to monitor to the autoimmune disease. The Austrian scientists looked at data from 646 patients and conducted cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses to provide support for a belief long held by patients with the painful joint disease that can cause neck pain, fatigue, joint stiffness, and mobility problems. Achieving a better understanding of the disconnect between patients and physicians could, theoretically, help in regards to better provision of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Read more

Klippel-Feil Syndrome – A Rare Cause of Neck Pain

klippel feil syndrome neck pain causes

Klippel-Feil syndrome is a congenital cervical spine condition that can cause neck pain.

A rare cause of neck pain, Klippel-Feil syndrome is a cervical spine condition usually present to some degree at birth and which results in the congenital fusion of two of the seven cervical vertebrae. Patients with Klipper-Feil syndrome may also have scoliosis, spina bifida, and other health issues seemingly unrelated to the spine itself, such as heart malformation. Neck surgery may be necessary for some patients with severe symptoms from Klipper-Feil syndrome whereas others may be able to manage neck pain and other symptoms of the condition using physical therapy and pain medications. Read more

Is Your Smartphone Causing Your Neck Pain?

smartphone neck pain

Smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices may be to blame for your neck pain.

Your smartphone could be causing your neck pain, according to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, a British physiotherapy group who are concerned about the health of office-workers’ spines. Long hours, poor posture, taking work home, and using handheld devices on the daily commute are all contributing to a nation of back and neck pain sufferers according to Dr Helena Johnson, Chairwoman of the society.

Are work stress, poor posture, and sleep deprivation issues for you? Is your smartphone causing your neck pain? Read more

Neck Pain When Swimming

neck pain and swimming posture

Keeping your head in line can help reduce the risk of neck pain when swimming.

Many people experience neck pain when swimming and, for some, the pain is bad enough to prevent them from engaging in this popular exercise. There are a variety of reasons that the neck can hurt when swimming and the pain is not always simply due to muscle fatigue or strain. For some, such symptoms of neck pain could indicate an issue such as spinal stenosis, disc herniation, cervical arthritis, or even a condition such as fibromyalgia. Swimming can be such a great exercise to keep both mind and body healthy so working out why you have neck pain when swimming is important as simple changes could get you back in the water this summer. Read more

Can a Herniated Disc in the Neck Cause Arm Pain?

Herniated Disc in the NeckIf you’ve developed a herniated disc in your neck, you may be experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in your arm. Now, you might expect that a herniated disc in your neck would cause neck pain. But, how can two seemingly unrelated areas of your body – the cervical spine (neck) and your arm – have a painful cause and effect relationship? To fully understand the relationship and discover how a cervical herniated disc can cause symptoms to arise in your arm, it’s helpful to briefly review the spinal anatomy.
Read more

Is Rheumatoid Arthritis Triggered by Gut Bacteria?

rheumatoid-arthritis symptoms

Could probiotics help reduce symptoms of neck pain and RA?

What does your gut have to do with neck pain? New research suggests a link between Rheumatoid Arthritis and bacteria in the digestive tract. Could gut flora be an environmental trigger for patients with a genetic predisposition for the autoimmune joint disease? Mayo Clinic researchers seem to think so. Read more