Treating Whiplash with Botox

Botox for Neck Pain from Whiplash

Botox for Neck Pain

Botox for Neck Pain

Whilst botox will, for most people, conjure up an image of a celebrity failing to age gracefully, this concentrated toxin has another use. Botox injections for whiplash and neck pain are becoming increasingly popular as injections of botulinum toxin-A into the musculature of the neck can relieve the chronic cramp and muscle spasms that some patients experience after whiplash from a car accident or a fall.

Research suggests that 90% of people with whiplash associated disorder (WAD) have some degree of muscle spasm which in some cases can cause significant pain and disability. Botox works by blocking the acetylcholine receptors in the motornerves of the neck, without blocking the sensory nerves themselves. This means that the relief patients often experience from this treatment comes from the reduction in aberrant spasm rather than simply blocking pain signals as some drugs do.

Regulations around Botox for Neck Pain

The FDA has not approved the treatment as yet, due to a current lack of overwhelming evidence of its benefits, but there are a number of studies around that have found the treatment to be effective at relieving neck pain, sometimes for up to 22weeks, in some patients with chronic discomfort. Clinicians who conduct this treatment must hold special licenses to do so, and patients are advised to check the credentials of their physician before undergoing treatment.

The use of botox injections for neck pain caused by other conditions may not be appropriate. For example, fractures of the cervical spinal joints or herniated discs in the neck may actually be making use of muscle cramps and stiffness to create a natural splint for the neck during healing in an attempt to stave off further injury. Other treatments are more relevant in these cases. Establishing the cause of your neck pain is key to finding the correct treatment for relief, and many neck pain relief products are available in case botox injections for whiplash and neck pain are deemed inappropriate.

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